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Founded in 1995, AMECAN is proud to be in the business of assisting large & small capital intensive plants in the Middle East to identify, locate & purchase OEM spare parts and equipment.
Our business brings a disciplined, strategic approach to trading that emphasizes market analysis and centers on knowledge systems & customer relationships.
AMECAN and EUROCAN are managed by well-qualified technocrats with substantial work experience in North America and the Middle East .We understand our customers in the Middle East better, because of this experience.
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Mr. Gluseppe Cazzani
Director, Eurocan Inc.

Brings his vast hands-on engineering knowledge to the table. His experience in the plastics industry in the Middle-East spans over 25 years.

Mr. George Mathew
President, Amecan Inc.

A polymer technologist contributes by way of his managerial skills cultivated & honed over 25 years of managing companies in the Middle- East.

Mr. Giften Mathew
Export Manager, Amecan Inc.

Is well qualified in Engineering and Management fields. He has managed a company in Canada successfully for over 7 years.    

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