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  1. Bullet Bahrain Natural Gas

  2. Bullet Al-Rashed Bakeries

  3. Bullet Al-Rashed Bakeries

  4. Bullet Al-Rashed Group of Companies

  5. Bullet Al-Khars Group of Companies

  6. Bullet Bechtel

  7. Bullet Hamad Medical & General Hospital

  8. Bullet Interior Ministries

  9. Bullet King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

  10. Bullet Kuwait Oil Company

  11. Bullet Kellogg, Brown & Root

  12. Bullet Luberef, Yandu

  13. Bullet Qatar Fuel Additives Co

  14. Bullet Qatar General Electricity & Water Co

  15. Bullet Qatar Liquefied Gas Co

  16. Bullet Ras Laffan Natural Gas Co

  17. Bullet Sabic Industries

 Saudi Aramco Lubricating Oil Co
 Saudi Railway
 Saudi Electric Company
 Saudi Railways Organization
 Saudi Ministry of Interior
 Saudi Polyolefins Co
 Saudi Electricity Co
 Saudi ABV
 Saudi Paper Co
 Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
 SAITE, Saudi Arabia
 United Sugar Company
 Western Bakeries
We firmly believe that our customers are our partners in business, working as a team, to design and implement the most functional and efficient solutions to every new supply-chain management challenge. 

This belief has resulted in our ever growing list of satisfied customers
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